The Future Is Bright, The Future Is LED-UV

J Thomson has invested in LED UV technology…

Kind of sounds as though we have just purchased an up-to-date TV to enhance our boardroom.

But nothing could be further from the truth. LED UV technology is now available to the print sector and is a serious game changer – for us and for our customers – and we will become the first Scottish printer to utilise this technology when the first of two new KBA printing presses arrive in September as part of a £5m investment programme.

For years printing press manufacturers have tried to squeeze just that little bit more out of their equipment by tweaking make-ready and running times and it looked as though we had reached the stage where the benefits would be minimal.

Not now. LED UV will transform the industry, enhance our business and will give our customers a choice of substrates and finishes that was previously unavailable in-line. It will drive increased efficiency, reduce waste and speed up the production process.

It also runs on 80% less power therefore it’s environmentally friendly too.

So, how can it help your business? In lots of ways we suspect – so please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through them.

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