Excellence in Management Training Programmes with J Thomson

Here at J Thomson, we believe that any company is only as good as the people that work for it. As such, to improve your company, you must first help your people improve.

J Thomson is delighted to highlight the excellent work undertaken by three employees — Stephen White, Gordon MacDonald and Scott MacNair — in our recent management training programme.

J Thomson devised the management training programme with the help of Julie Turner at JTMS — a company that provides external training to companies and their employees to help individuals work on their personal development. This includes establishing and examining participants strengths, weaknesses, life goals and ambitions and working with them over a period of time in order to improve their understanding of the print industry as well as helping them maximise their personal happiness and career potential.

Each candidate was assigned a mentor and spent three years, split into twelve quarters with different business training tasks allocated to each quarter. These initially took each of them outside of their comfort zone and included non-production areas such as finance, sales, quality control etc. before concentrating latterly on their core strengths.

Running parallel to this was personal development coaching, which by definition was tailored to each individual, and which challenged each participant in many aspects, particularly areas of weakness or lack of self-belief.

White, MacDonald and MacNair have just completed the programme, and the results so far have been exceptional to say the least. Managing Director Kevin Creechan was enthused by the results and saw each of them develop significantly over the three-year period.

“It has been an undoubted success and will prepare them for the rigours of management should the opportunity arise. So much so that we are replicating this with a new batch of candidates in September. Helping our employees improve and progress through our business — and the print industry generally — is vitally important to J Thomson and our business goals”.

If you’d like to find out more about our training programme, please contact J Thomson through the enquiry form below. If you’d like to find out more about JTMS, please click here.

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