The Importance of Offline Marketing Material in The Digital Age

In an increasingly crowded digital marketplace, many businesses, that in recent years committed solely to online and social media advertising, are realising the importance of incorporating offline marketing material in creating more holistic and effective campaigns.

Some marketers swear by the effectiveness of online marketing, incessantly focusing on pay-per-click and social media reach. Others, prefer more traditional marketing methods and appreciate the value and importance of offline touch points such as print media. However, as competitors continue to flood the digital space, combining offline into all marketing campaigns can help boost brand visibility and ROI.

The Rule of Seven

One of the oldest principles of marketing - The Rule of Seven - states in order for the majority of prospects to become customers, they must see your offer, or brand, at least seven times. However, with the average consumer now viewing more than 5,000 advertisements per-day, compared to 500 when the principle was originally developed, it could now be considered the rule of seventy!

As a result, marketers and businesses should be looking to maximise their reach by combining their offline and online efforts for marketing success. Indeed, with the ever-increasing amount of online noise, offline marketing material could be considered more important and effective than ever.

The Value of Offline

The importance of offline media in modern marketing can be seen in a recent Infosys report, which states that 40% of customers buy online, but only after being influenced by offline marketing material. What's more, it is claimed today internet users only click on less than 1% of the advertisements they see online, and that they only ever actually see roughly 1/3 of impressions stated in digital marketing reports.

This is in stark contrast to the continued effectiveness and strength of offline print advertisements. A study published by in 2016, showcases a big difference between printed and digital marketing material in consumers' trust rates and intent to buy:

Of the respondents surveyed, over 82% trusted print (magazines, booklets or promotional papers), 76% trusted ads and catalogues received in direct mail and 69% trusted ads in outdoor and public places. On the other hand, in the same study, only 25% trusted digital pop-ups with a further 39% trusting online banners and advertisements.

This only further emphasises the importance and potential for increased profitability by implementing, maintaining, or improving offline marketing material in your marketing strategy.

Stuart Gilmour, Creative Director at Stand, explains the importance of offline marketing efforts to Stand's diverse client base:

“Most of our clients, even ones with a digital first policy understand that print plays a part in the overall marketing mix. We advise on the most appropriate and advantageous roles that print can play for them in connecting with their target markets."

"Tactile marketing collateral still plays an important role in creating strong and engaging connections. We always support this where we can with evidential facts and figures.” Stuart Gilmour, Creative Director, Stand.

Indeed, modern-day marketers and businesses must understand the value of an integrated, holistic marketing campaign regardless of if it's online, or offline.

However, as a increasing number of businesses adopt a more digital first policy, print media and offline marketing campaigns are continuing to prove more effective, trustworthy, thought-provoking and - in the majority of cases - yield a greater return on marketing investment.

If you'd like to produce printed marketing material for your next campaign, or would just like to talk though what might be possible with print with an industry expert, please contact us put in a quick online enquiry below.

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