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J Thomson prides itself on its product and service quality, its commitment to environmentally friendly printing processes and its ability to provide high-quality print to its customers on-time, every-time...

But in order to provide these services, you require a team of people that are all prepared to work hard to achieve the same goals.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been talking to the people that create our print and provide this industry-leading service for our customers and feel it's important to highlight the roles those people play in the printing process.

One of these individuals is Richard McManus.

Richard, or Rikki, has been an integral part of our printing process since joining the company in 1980. Initially starting in the bindery department, he has held many positions throughout his time at J Thomson, knowing the business and the company inside and out.

“I got my first job at J Thomson through word-of-mouth, and 38 years later I’m still here!” he said.

“My uncle worked as a cleaner at J Thomson at the time, and he told me they were looking to hire someone in the bindery department. Possibly a year after I’d started, another job came available on the presses as a printer’s assistant. I’ve moved jobs a few times now, but always within J Thomson.”

So, what role do you perform now for the company?

“I was part of the print team for a lot of years and I really enjoyed it but after while

I was offered a job in the warehouse working as a forklift driver - goods-in, goods-out etc. It suits me a lot more at this age. As I’ve got older, I think it’s a wee bit easier than being on the presses!”

“There are very few people in the world that truly enjoy their job. But I like what I’m doing now. It’s not that I’m doing my own thing, but you’re your own man. There are lots of different aspects to the role now. You’re dealing with the deliveries, dealing with the team in the office and press room etc. I’m really enjoying it!”

Over the 38 years you’ve worked here Rikki, how have you seen the development of J Thomson as a company?

“Well, to be honest, I think J Thomson has always been one step ahead. They are constantly trying to improve, new machines, new departments, just keeping up-to-speed with what’s new.”

“Although I’ve never worked for another print company, you hear through the grapevine about what it was like at a lot of the companies that are no longer here. Whether they’ve tried to keep up and just can’t, I’m not sure. But I think J Thomson has proven it can stand the test of time, continue to develop, and still offer the best service and quality in the industry.”

Outside of work, Richard is a keen football fan and has particularly enjoyed the last 7 or so years. His love for the beautiful game was always a key part of his life outside of work and he even coached the East Wood Juveniles football team from U7’s right through to the U21’s.

It’s clear that Richard’s experience of leading and working effectively with groups of people is a benefit for not just Scottish youth football, but also for the team at J Thomson Colour Printers. This harmony within groups and the working environment is something Richard values at the company:

“I get on really well with my colleagues. There has never been a problem with anyone.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t manage to organise as much company nights out as we used to. It’s quite a large company so it’s difficult, but it’s nice when everyone gets together.”

Richard’s importance to the company is highlighted by Kevin Creechan, J Thomson Managing Director, who has spent the last 13 years working with him:

“Rikki is an absolute pleasure to work with and like so many of our employees has been a credit over the years. His work-ethic is second to none and he is conscientious and diligent. Despite his self-acknowledged advancing years he also managed to star in the weekly company 5-a-side matches which makes me believe that he was a bit of a football player in his prime.”

If you'd like to see some of the work Richard has worked on, check out our work page. If you'd like to produce print that you can be proud of and would like to find out more about our services, please contact us through the enquiry box below.

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