J Thomson Complete Installation of Muller Martini Alegro

The J Thomson blog announced back in September that the company had struck a deal with Muller Martini for the installation of the Primera MC saddle-stitcher as well as the Alegro binding line.

The recent installation of the Alegro completes J Thomson's post-press investment project and sets the company up for a number of years while continuing the company's strong relationship with Muller Martini, the industry leaders in print finishing systems. See the new Alegro running at 6,000 books per hour in the video below.

The new Alegro allows J Thomson to bind at a rate of 6,000 books per hour and can use both PUR and Burst binding techniques. The upgrade also increases efficiency due to the automatic make-ready feature while doubling J Thomson's binding capacity (or halving production time).

The general quality of the J Thomson binding line will be improved by the more robust Alegro model, which features a double nipping station to provide a squarer spine and more aesthetically-pleasing finish.

The Alegro also features multiple screens around the machine to allow operators access for adjusting and is fitted with servo-motors; reducing the need for compressors and making the J Thomson binding process more environmentally-friendly.

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